Barracuda – Dehiwala

Great food at an interesting location!

Address  -1965, Northeast 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach, Dehiwala Mt Lavinia, Colombo 
          (Its near where the Marine Drive Starts on the Dehiwala Side) 
Phone    - 011 2710777
Facebook -

We islanders love our seafood, but unfortunately its kind of hard these days to find a place to have a good seafood meal, with a view which provides good services, frequented by a good crowd, and without breaking the bank. I would say barracuda is the place to go…

I will start with a ‘to be honest’… Tbh, these days Dehiwala or Mount’s beach restaurants are frequented by youth who are into drinking and places like Buba is  attracting the wrong crowd. Most of the time these places are heaven on earth for party-goers making it really hard to find a place on in Mount/ Dehiwala, to have good meal without loud EDM or the smell of weed 😛


Baraccuda is located at a calm stretch of the beach towards welwatta, and it has absolutely stunning views of the sea and the beach. Its frequented by a good crowd who just wants to hang around and chill (which is kind of hard to see in this electronic age 😀 ). I haven’t being to Baracudda at nights, but it should have a pretty atmosphere from the looks of it. They have wooden chairs and tables on the sand facing the beach, and the whole place is kind of covered by the trees, making it not so hot even for an afternoon meal.

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We were in a bit of hurry, so didn’t have a chance to pick and choose exquisite seafood from their menu. We would definitely visit Barracuda for a proper seafood faire. We ordered a large Indian Style Seafood Fried Rice (Rs.798), Stir Fried Kankun in Garlic (Rs.378), Hot Garlic Chicken (Rs.548) and Sizzling Cuttle Fish with Green Chilli Sauce (Rs.548). All above portions were enough for 3 people and were all small, except the Rice. The Indian style rice was really really good, and it was superior to usual Sri Lankan-Indian fried rice dishes. Well cooked, with all sort of Indian assortments which included this crunchy biscuit kudu (powder) 😉 kind of thing.  Chicken was the usual you get from anywhere like Flower Drum or Chinese Dragon and so was the kankun. The Sizzling cuttle fish was also really really nice and it comes with a bit of creative presentation. All in all food was pretty good and filling, and I would its one of the best meals I had on the beach (even though it wasn’t much)

10502486_10152316280069635_2939270133538535396_n 10501636_10152316279864635_7056836054321489426_n

Service and Prices

Waiters were very attentive from the time we walked in & it was never hard to catch a waiter’s attention at any time. Food was served quick (15 min) and all the staff was well dressed and trained from the looks of it. Well its not really really cheap but the bill for 3 of us came to around Rs.3,200 including the service charge. The sizzling platter was ordered separate (not included in the Rs. 3.2k),  and even without that renaming  can also amount to a good meal.  It woukd cost around Rs.1000 – Rs.1,600 a person for a meal with a few lager beers (Rs.350 each).

Barrcuda is really nice chill spot for a romantic evening, family dinner or even for a quick lunch; I hope they would maintain the same standards for years to come as this would definitely be on top of my sea food restaurants list.


* Took a few pics from their page


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