Colombo Fort Cafe by Harpos

Another Dutch Hospital Establishment Review!

Address - Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Fort, Colombo.
TP  - 011 2434946, 077 7780188
Times - 10 am - 11 pm
Cusine - European, Mediterranean
Web -
Facebook -

Its been a while !!! Too long actually…

We are not patrons of this place, instead attracted to Taphouse or the cheaper option, Colombo City Hotel. However I have to admit Colombo Fort Cafe isn’t a bad place at all.



Fort Cafe is a pretty chilled out place catering to a niche clientèle and expats who want to sip a beer and have a good meal in the evening. They have seating outside on the corridor and seating inside which gives the feeling of an authentic Italian cafe well outside the town. Blue coloured wooden chairs placed at the bar adds a bit of glamour to the place, and also a good substitute to the usual bar stools.



We ordered a Pizza Magharita 9″ (Rs.960), a caesar salad (Rs.400), a Chile Prawn Alioli (pasta) (Rs.1150) and a few soft drinks (Rs.150 each). All the above dishes are enough for one person and if you are a heavy eater, the regular 9″ pizza might not fully satisfy your hunger. Food was good.. I would give pizza a 6.5/10 & 8/10 for the pasta. Pizza’s crust was a bit overcooked but the toppings were quite good. Other who tried it said the pizza was good but for me it was a bit “meh”. Maybe I am not used that superior taste of italian cusine. However, Alioli was really good and filling, even for someone like me who eats a bit more than an average person :p Prawns were well marinated, and there was a good mixture of spices and the pasta itself was fresh and perfectly cooked; even though it was too oily than I expected. There isn’t anything to write home about the salad, you know.. it’s what is exactly its suppose to be.


Service & Prices

Service was pretty good, it was a bit of a hassle to grab a waiters attention, but after that everything else went on smoothly. Food came pretty fast and the process of settling the bill was quick too. Prices might be a bit towards the expensive side and its understandable due to the location and the fare provided.  Bare in mind they also have the 10% service charge & Gov. taxes which gets added on to the bill making it cost like Rs.1,500 – Rs.2,000 a person without alcohol or even beer 😮

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They have a free mojito promotion in the evening!!!




3 thoughts on “Colombo Fort Cafe by Harpos

  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting us. Your wonderful review about your dining experience is indeed appreciated and we are encouraged by it. Thank you again for featuring us on your blog and we look forward to having y dine with us again soon.
    Alec van Cuylenburg
    Director Operations
    Colombo Fort Cafe

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