Chicken BBQ & Cheese Kottu – Hotel De New Pillawoos

Address - Near Romafour Bamablapitya
Times   - 24/7
T.P.    - 0112580125

You won’t believe what you can do on a BBQ grill!! 

We have not posted on our blog from a long time due to unavoidable circumstances, but it will not be the case from today. We assure you that the blog will be updated to satisfy your taste buds and craving food wants 😀

On a lazy evening around 8pm we  were driving on the galle road with only one intention, “to eat something!” and thought to give “Hotel De New Pillawoos” a try. The pleasent aroma of a tasty BBQ mixed with the smell of gold leaf came as soon as we walked into the joint, and ordered a Cheese Chicekn Kottu (Rs.440) and a BBQ Chicken Kottu (Rs.410).

BBQ Chicken Kottu – I will give it 5 thumbs up if I have 5, but let me tell you this it tasted absolutely wonderful and full of flavour. All this time Pillawoos was a bit mainstream for me and always preferred a road side “Ajantha hotalaya”, or “Yamuna Cafe” over Pillawoos, however faith on pilawoos kottu was restored on last Tuesday night:p The chicken was well marinated, and the rotti used was good as well. Two can eat one dish, but it depends on how you eat and how hungry you are…


Cheese chicken Kottu – I am not a huge fan of Cheese chicken Kottu and for me its not even meant to be together (no offense to cheese kottu lovers). It tasted okish, dish was a bit cold compared to the BBQ chicken, and the incrigdients tasted a bit not so fresh. Moreover, for me and to both of my friends it tasted like something pre cooked, micro waved and served, although I saw them actually making it. I think they have used some inferior quality cheese and if you ask me I would take a BBQ chicken kottu over a cheese kottu any day.


Its nice to see that Pillawoos is doing something unique cause kottu scene was losing its hype over there…

*BBQ kottu is only available after 6.30 pm and prices are not affected by service charge or taxes.


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