Cafe 64 – Galadari Colombo

A Cafe with a view!

Address 64 Lotus Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka
7 AM to 9 PM
Rs. 500-Rs.1000

Colombo has a fare share of cafes, some with substandard service and inferior quality offerings while others try to imitate international coffee franchises.  However, there are a good share of cafes in the city of Colombo which does a pretty good job from service to food and beverages, and Cafe 64 is one of them.



64’s interior is not posh nosh like their coffee shop or lobby bar, even though they have simple wood and stainless steal furniture inside is still a pleasant place to dine. Outside they have a set of tables and chairs where people can smoke and have a pleasant chat with one of the best views in Colombo. If you go there around 5 in the evening, scenic beauty of sunset over the horizon will surely be an amazing thing to watch and sip a good cup of coffee.


Cafe 64’s offering are usually good but rarely they do cook up some mediocre food. They have a good variety of pastries and short eats all priced in between Rs.80 – Rs.150 and 64 does serve rice and curry, and biriyani for lunch(Rs.300-Rs.450). Rice and Curry was full of flavor, and it does not taste like some European chef who do not have any sense about local cuisine cooked it; which seems to be the new trend in some of the local wanna be eateries. One thing I love about cafe 64 is their ice cream, they don’t have much flavours like Rios or Baskin and Robbins but whatever they have are up to the standard. I love their mint chocolate ice cream priced at pretty reasonably at 100 bucks a scoop. They also have cakes and other desserts which I have not tried, but should taste good from the looks of it. Furthermore, 64 has a diner buffet on Friday/Saturday and also some offers on food like pizzas, so call them up before going.

*Above prices are including service charges and taxes



Service is up to the standard, and they seem to run on self service basis cause you have to order the food, pay the bill and get the food from the counter. One of the minus points in cafe 64 is that it is a bit congested; when I tried to wash my hands, their hand dryer automatically turned on and burnt my skin a bit :p

Views are one of the main reasons to try go to Cafe 64, so if you go there in an evening sit outside and enjoy paradise 🙂


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