Pitstop – Hilton Residence

An average coffee shop

Times - 7 am - 7 pm.
Open 365 days

You want to dine in a posh establishment, but don’t want to pay big buck for it? Star class hotel’s coffee shop is the place to go. It offers the ambiance of a good hotel and food at reasonable prices simultaneously. I was passing Hilton Colombo Residence (former Jaic Hilton) and wanted to have a quick snack, therefore went  to pitstop.


I ordered a Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with the baguette bread (Rs.350) and an espresso to satisfy my taste-buds. The sandwich was really good… I loved the tandoori chicken and it was fresh. The other fillings like lecture and tomato went well together with the tandoori and no unnecessary fillings were present. The bread was firm, so I didn’t have to use half of my upper body strength to chew it. Espresso was ‘ok’ I guess, it wasn’t amazing but not that bad either. Well TBH the coffee was somewhere between the Mc Donalds coffee and Sponge’s coffee. The meal was up to the standards and  value for money.



Pitstop is not Posh Nosh and don’t have really comfortable seating like Cinnamon’s Coffee Stop where you can spend half of your day, however, for a quick snack Pitstop is not a bad place.


The service was efficient and the staff was very helpful when I wanted to buy a cake; Pitstop is a good place to go for a quick snack and some coffee.

* Service charge and Government tax extra.


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