Heladiv Tea Club – Liberty Arcade

Ceylon Tea. The Next Level…

Mon - Thu: 9:00 am - 12:00 am ,Fri: 9:00 am - 1:00 am, Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 1:00 am
Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct and Liberty Arcade Colombo
Cuisine - Tea, Lounge
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/heladivteaclub

The coffee craze has died down, but the coffee shop scene is getting substituted by tea clubs. We can see a huge boom in the industry of tea clubs, because that’s where the money is now (maybe 😉 ). Dilmah T lounge in Dutch, Tea Breeze in Nawam Mawatha, and some new tea lounge by mango tree are new additions to the city apart from expansion of Heladiv to Liberty Arcade within this year itself. Man us Colombo people must be loving our tea :p and so we thought to try out how the expanded Heladiv is faring in this tea Crazed Sub Culture…


Interior is not too bad, and  in fact it represents a much more superior culture than the chic environments of coffee shops. Sofas are comfortable and a nice way to hangout with a crowd while there are tables with chairs (kind of) which is more suitable for two  to three people.  Moreover, there are some chairs and tables outside for smokers, however I wouldn’t go there in an afternoon even if a Dunhill Carton is present cause there are no shades. All in all they have made use of the space to full and its different than your usual chill out place in a good way.

IMG_1156     IMG_1155


IMG_1163Heladiv, being a tea club we don’t wanna make a fuss about the food, but we tried out some of their cheese toast (Rs.590) and it was good 🙂 Had a good flavour to it and essence of Cheese was present (unlike some of the town’s other joints). We ordered a flavoured Black Iced Tea (Rs. 240) and a mango green tea latte. Both of them were good and quite a nice change from your usual coffee. I am not very much of a tea person, but these were pretty awesome! Although, these guys specialize in teas the had a variety of coffees in their menu, therefore we tried them out too. We had an Ice Caramel Latte (Rs.380) and a Machchiato (Rs.360).  MAchchiato was a bit ‘meh’ and I would say paying 400 bucks for that is not for me. On the other hand, the Ice Caramel Latte was just amazing and I could actually taste the flavours blended together creating a iced beverage dream land.


All in all we loved our experience in Heladiv tea club and the service was up to the standards too. Heladiv in Liberty Arcade is a good place to kill some time and maybe close a business tea with Ceylon tea.


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