Akasa Kade

Akasa Kade Colombo’s favorite lunch time restaurant on the sky!

Address    - Akase Kade, No.69, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01.
T.P.       - +94 112 333 332
Per Person - Rs. 450 - Rs.1800
Website    - http://www.akasakade.lk/
Zomato     - http://www.zomato.com/colombo/akasa-kade-fort

Akasa Kade has been there for a long time and apparently they have started on 1963. That’s way before I was born and even my mom 😀 so don’t really know how it was those days… Kade is located on the 13th floor of the Ceylinco building in Fort near the famous Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex, and some time ago it used to be  the restaurant at the tallest building in Colombo which gave a helicopter view. Anyhow they were closed down for some years and began their operation sagain in 2011 (as I can remember).



I would like to start off with the ambiance as its one of the biggest reasons you should consider (more than the food too ) Akasa Kade. It has a stunning view of  the harbor and the towers of the World Trade Center.  We actually felt like that we are dinning on the top of the world, at least Colombo, because most parts of the restaurant is covered with frame-less glass. The areal view of the harbor together with the tiny cars and roads gives a great picture which  looks like a Micheal Angelo’s master-piece. The interior of the restaurant doesn’t create much of an excitement and there were some broken chairs on the table we sat. Interior of the restaurant is pretty average however, I am telling you again that from Akasa Kade you get amazing views!

box8  IMG_1112


As far as I know Akasa Kade does not serve a al a carte, at least for lunch, however they have a really extensive lunch buffet for Rs.1000 per head. Its a bit of a rad price tag for a traditional lunch, even for a buffet but the amazing views make all of it worth. The buffet includes a soup (which I really did not like and smelt weird), variety of rice, other mains and all time Sri Lankan favorite desserts like caramel, kesel (bananas) and wattalapam. The food was ok… its not amazing and nothing special; I expected better for 1000 bucks. Fish Ambul Thiyal was good, but the chicken we had was a bit overcooked. Anyhow, the variety of food is good and its fresh unlike some lunch buffet options in the city. Moreover, they are also open for breakfast and Akasa KAde has a dinner buffet which is Rs.1500 and a cheaper lunch set menu for Rs.450 (do check about this before going).



The buffet got filled in an efficent manner and the waiters were very attentive to the way the food moved. However, the service was slow and it took them over 10 minutes to get a few bottles of Cola and another good 10 minutes to prepare the bill. We were literally the only ones there cause 3 pm is rather an unorthodox time to have lunch.

All in all I will give Akasa Kade 3.5 or even 3.75 stars out of 5… If they step up the game with better service and  increase the standards of food and the interior of the restaurant, this would be one of my  go to places for lunch when I am not broke ;).


One thought on “Akasa Kade

  1. Like to know if you have Buffets on Saturdays for dinner and the rates.
    What time is it closing? Its for a group of around 8 to 10 people.
    Do you server Liquer charged seperate? Its for about 2 people.

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