Reebok Showroom – Thummulla Sri Lanka

Reebok in Thumulla has a good collection!

Unisex clothing, shoes and sportswear
Open - 10 am - 8 pm

IMG_1016    IMG_1017

Reebok is a well respected international franchise which sells everything from sports shoes to casual wear. Reebok is one of the franchises which has established themselves well within this island nation; they have at least 4 outlets in the metropolitan area of Colombo as well as in Kandy. I personally like their clothes, specially t shirts! Reebok has good quality t shirts starting from Rs.1600 upwards, that’s only Rs.300 – Rs.500 more than Odel and the chances are five or six people wearing the same shirt or t shirt wont be present in a single venue. That’s really awkward, don’t you think? I mean to see people wearing the same thing at a place. Moreover they have a good selection of shoes which range from Rs.4000 – Rs. 30,000! The store near thumulla is a good one which is adjoined by a ladies shoe brand “Jessica” and opposite to Dillys and Carlos. The service in the store is good and the staff are competent in English. Furthermore, they maintain the usual standards of a Reebok showroom and one good thing about the Thumulla branch is that there are enough and more parking spaces. Reebok is a good place for all shopaholics and has reasonable prices too.


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