Oasis Lounge – Ramada Colombo

One of the best lounge bars inside a hotel 

Ramada Colombo, 30 sir mohamed macan markar mawatha p o box 1202, Colombo 03.
Tel : 94-11-2422001
Cuisines - Bar, lounge type and International cuisine 
Open till 11.00 pm
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ramadacolombo
Website - http://www.ramadacolombo.com/bar.html


Oasis Lounge is like no other bar, its unique and has a jukebox 😉 Colombo has many lounge bars to hangout from more expensive Amuseum to reasonable ones like White and Light House Galley. Oasis Lounge is somewhere in the middle on the pricing scale while it has the same feeling like being inside Cinnamon’s famous Cheers pub.


IMG_1081I really love the interior of the place. They have two screens showing all sorts of sports, specially cricket and rugby. It has lot of space, sofas, and they allow you to smoke inside. Moreover, the bar counter is really nice and it kind of have a club like feeling near the bar because of the lights. Furthermore, they have a Mac which is connected to internet for all you tech savvy people out there. A pool table is  nice addition and its Rs.150 a game, but pls don’t play when you are drunk 😀 (from past experience! ) Well Oasis Lounge is not crowded on the better part of the week and we were there on a Friday night, and it was all chilled out. Only minus point is that they close down the bar at 11 pm… its a lil bit early for bar don’t you think?

Food and Beverages 

To start off they are posh enough to be inside a world class hotel chain and Sri Lankan enough to serve Old Arrack(Rs.275 a shot) which most of the star class establishment or so called trendiest places in Colombo refrain from serving! Oh cm’on we are famous for our coconuts yea?? Why not serve it to all the suddas so they might buy a few bottles to take home 😉 A Lion Lager will cost you around Rs.350 without taxes. They also have a fair range of bar bites and other delicacies.

IMG_1083 IMG_1082


Service can be a bit slow and some waiting staff can mix up orders. I don’t know if this is because of the crowd or a rather boring Friday night for a bar…

All in all Oasis Bar is a really good place to be with reasonable prices and a chilled out environment.

* A 10% service charge and 13% government tax should be added to the above prices 🙂 and they close down at 11 pm (bar).


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