Paiisz by O!

O! Bar, Sri Lanka’s trendiest bar chain… 

Open - 10 am - 9 pm (except poya days and closed between 2 pm - 5pm)

O! Bar is live and its where the hype is! If you want to be ‘in’ , Floor by O! is one of the places to be. O Bar managed by Lion Brewery gives a great and a reasonable alternative for the usual Friday night. If you are the person who goes to Amuseum every Friday night man you are related to some rich uncles! 😀 O! has a trendy atmosphere which you will get in a up-market establishment for a reasonable price and relatively easy access. However, this is not about Floor, but about a much smaller one run by the same people located in the Colombo’s famous, “Odel”.

Paiisz by O has a little or no online presence, so not much of the people know about this. If you are shopping and feel like having a corona or sick of holding your girl friend’s clothes Paiisz can be helpful.  The prices are reasonable(same as the floor) ie – Rs.140 a beer mug.  They have beer and a limited amount of wine, but don’t serve any of their famous O signature cocktails. Too bad guys, you can’t get really high and keep shopping 😦


IMG_0977    IMG_0978

* They are closed from 2 – 5 pm so an afternoon beer is out of the question 😀


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