ODEL, Alexandra Place, Cinnamon Gardens, (Colombo 7), Colombo
011 2676860
pER PERSO - Rs. 300 - Rs. 1000

Colombo is filled with many international coffee, restaurant and pastry franchises, but most of them don’t have good food, value for money or even the service. Most of the people go to these places to check in using foursquare or facebook, 😉 however the same cannot be said for Delifrance, because they really do have some great food.  Housed in the island’s premier department store “Odel” it has a good customer base and also a good atmosphere.


Delifrance has variety in their menu unlike other sandwich shops. It has fresh juices, coffee, etc. We ordered a  Tandoori Chicken Whole Meal Baguette (Rs.520), some spicy chicken pastries (Rs.200), a fresh lime juice (Rs.280), and a Irish Cream Cappuccino (Rs.390). Well yeah I agree, Delifrance is not cheap; their offerings come with an expensive price tags. These prices are as same as what you will get in coffee bean and Commons. Tandoori Chicken Baguette was the star of the meal… It had flavour well marinated chicken, and fresh veggies  which will make your taste-buds go crazy! The only downside was that the Baguette was a bit dry and takes some muscles to bite it 😀 Other than that the sandwich was perfect. There’s nothing much to write about the spicy chicken pastrey, I mean it was good and all, the crust was alright and the filling was hearty as well. The lime comes with sugar syrup, but it doesn’t taste so  fresh! It feels a bit out of order, however I just loved their cappuccino! One of the best I’ve ever had; all in all it was a really satisfying culinary experience.


More than a coffee shop Delifrance has a french upmarket bakery kind of feeling. Yeh it was started as a bakery in France and has expanded up to 50 countries. Therefore, franchise still has the signs of a bakery. It has a few pictures hanging but kind of congested and not many plug points to connect the laptops, although they have a good wiFi.


Service is ok, but sometimes the new waiters can get confused. Once I asked for some tissues and it took them ages to get it, because apparently one of the new members of the staff has forgotten.


IMG_0975 IMG_0974 IMG_0976

All in all it is a good place to go for a quick bite and sometimes can get busy..


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