Milk Shake shop Borella

Good Drinks!!

Per Person - Rs. 100 - Rs. 200
Don't know the exact address, but its right opposite to the Borella Polie sttation and , 174 bus stand next to eap bar

We found this small Milk shake shop near the EAP bar in Borella. Well Borella is in the heart of Colombo and it lacks better food options, however it also the city which houses famous caters like Udumbara and also some popular kades. TBH I was lost and called a friend for directions and I met him near the Borella a Police station. He was like, “machng I am thirsty, shall e go and get something to drink?” This is how I got to know about this nice little milk shake and juice shop in the city’s heart. I had the Iced Milo (Rs.100) which is similar to what you will get in Pilawoos for a much cheaper price and an air – conditioned environment. Furthermore, we ordered a chocolate milkshake (Rs.150) and a strawberry milkshake (Rs.170) because my friend was thirsty and I had to pay the bill -_- It was a hot day so our taste-buds welcomed the drinks with open arms, but I really didn’t like their chocolate milkshake. On the other hand the strawberry milkshake was awesome, chilled and well sweetened. It did not taste like melted Elephant House strawberry ice cream (finally!) .

Its totally worth it! Hot days specially..

IMG_0968 IMG_0969


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