Biriyani House – Kollupitiya

Amazing Biriyani!

Address      - Indra Regent Hotel, Duplication Road, Kollupitiya, (Colombo 03), Colombo
TP           -(011) 257-7406
Cuisines     - Indian, Arabic
Times        - 6am - 12am
Foursquare   -
Per Person   - Rs.500 - Rs. 950

Where to get the perfect biriyani in Colombo? This is an age old question which has many answers or no answers at all. Well I think it depends on the person’s taste-buds. Some might like the Pakistani version served by Big Bite Biriyani while others will crave the more Sri Lankenized version from Sulthan Palace or Elite. On our journey to find a place which serves good briyanis, we found this restaurant adjoining to the Indra Regent Hotel named, “Biriyani House”


Indra Regent hotel is a popular budget establishment for tourists, and Biryani House is one of their restaurants. Its not luxurious inside like Chutneys but does have Air Conditioning and  comfortable chairs. Biriyani House might not feel like much, but it is a definite go to place for biryani. Inside they have a small television and a bar counter which serves cheap booze (Rs.150 a 50ml shot of local white rum), and bites. Moreover, they have an open dinning area facing the busy Duplication Road and you will be able to see people having shisha (rs.1100) outside.

IMG_0958-2  IMG_0960-2


We went to Biryani House thinking that they serve briyani only, oh boy we were wrong! They had a lot in their menu including different dishes from all corners of Indian and Arabic cuisines. However, we thought of sticking to Biriyanis as the name suggested. We wanted to try out the basics so ordered two chicken biryanis (Rs.450 each)  and  thought of coming later to check out the rest. Biriyani was just amazing and well priced. This is one of the most authentic (somewhere close I guess 😉 )  dishes of briyani I ever had in the city. We were served with two hearty pieces of chicken, one curry and the other roasted. I just loved them and the chicken tasted so fresh. Its neither under cooked nor overcooked and was full of flavour. The rice was also good in taste and color. Moreover, I just loved how everything made a perfect combination creating a biriyani masterpiece.

IMG_0961-2   IMG_0962


Biriyani House doesn’t have the best service in town, but if the food is good and well priced I totally believe that its worth the wait. It took them a good half an hour to cook the biriyani and waiter couldn’t answer some of the questions we had (minor hiccups).


Its a really good place to go if you are on a budget and want some great biriyanis… A good place for a Friday night shisha too.  Furthermore, they seemed to have a good breakfast menu as well.

* 10% service charge will be added to the bill.


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