Pasco – Food Blush Battaramulla

Amazing Location!!

Address    - 960A, Pannipitiya Rd, Battaramulla
TP         - 011 2887730
Times      - 10am - 10pm
Cuisines   - International
Foursquare -
Per Person - Rs. 300 - Rs. 1200

Colombo was the place to go for all you multi cuisine food needs, because most of its suburbs were basically culinary waste lands. However, there is a noticeable boom in the local restaurant industry; as a result many new food outlets, small and big have been turning up on every street corner of the suburbs. Food Blush on the Pannitiya Road near Battaramulla is one such place we found wondering around the city.


IMG_0936    IMG_0943


IMG_0941Its like the O! Bar (RIP) in the dutch hospital with a really big courtyard and a huge screen showing rugby and cricket games. It’s just wonderful and really chilled out; we went there around eight in the evening and was almost empty. They also have a bring your own booze policy (no corkage) and provide you you with the other necessities. You can go there with a group of friends on a match day and really enjoy the momentum! They also have a fine dinning area which you can have a quite family dinner and also a huge car park. Therefore, this is the perfect place for any type of people, boozers or non – boozers 😉



We were in a bit of a hurry, so didn’t have the time to check out their food. We will be sure to visit them again soon to check out the food and maybe do so with a bottle of Ceylon Arrack 😉 However, we tried out their beverages; the big board in front of the establishment said lounge, free WiFi, coffee, and multi cuisine, but unfortunately they were out of most of the coffees so we had to stick to a chocolate milk shake (Rs.200) and some fresh juices (Rs. 140 – Rs.180). TBH the chocolate milk shake wasn’t that good… It tasted like a melted Elephanthouse chocolate ice cream in a big glass, but the fresh juices were up to the standards. Even though, the beverages weren’t mind blowing I have a lot of faith in their food, because people from the next table ordered some grilled chicken burgers and some other plates which we couldn’t identify due to the lack of light. They seemed to enjoy their meal and it smelt so good that my taste buds were craving for a burger, but sadly the time wasn’t on our side.


IMG_0948   IMG_0946


Service of Food Blush is really good. At first they were  bit confused when we asked for the variety of coffees they have,but a more experienced waiter came and resolved the situation quickly. Moreover, they asked whether we would like to have a candle in our table and I politely declined. Apart from some minor hiccups, service in Food Blush is good and better than most of the dinning options out of Colombo. *There is a service charge of 10% and our bill didn’t have any government taxes, even though the menu said government taxes will be added.


IMG_0945    IMG_0944

In Conclusion, Food Blush is an amazing place to be, for a date or  a pleasant night out with friends. Moreover, it shows matches and the food seems to be good and reasonably priced. A grilled chicken burger with french fries is around 450 bucks.

Article by – Suwin Amarabandu


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