Pol Sambolaya – Kollupitiya

An Average Place to get Lunch Packets.

Dude where are we going for lunch today?” These are the kind of questions you will usually get to hear at the lunch time in Colombo offices or even schools and other educational institutes. Us Sri Lankans always look for something hefty to have as lunch or even dinner. Well… we are the same and today we hit the streets searching for yet another place to satisfy our taste-buds.

IMG_0930   IMG_0931


We found this small buth kade near the liberty roundabout on the Galle Road. It is a charming little shop which has the feeling of a game kade made with mati. One of my friends said that the shop is usually crowded, but amazingly it wasn’t and I think we were the only ones there. We went inside and saw a huge stack of buth packs made with kesel kole (banana leaf) and all of it had the sign saying “Pol Sambolaya” I was a bit confused and said Pol sambolaya a bit out loud and the shop keeper was like “yeh malli thats the shops name”.  Anyhow we ordered the chicken Yellow rice which was about Rs. 375 bucks, and the Lamprais (Rs. 380). Food was oily and sanduni didn’t wanna eat it cause she doesn’t want to get fat anymore 😉 So yeh it not for all of you health conscious people and apart from been too oily it seemed to be an average yellow rice. It had a cutlet, Brinjal (Vambatu Moju), Chutney, Some veggies and a not so generous piece of chicken. Nothing was  under-cooked or over-cooked and it tasted ok for me. One of our reviewers “Varuna”, didn’t like the taste of the lamprais at all. It seemed a bit over cooked and way too oily, so didn’t feel like having a bite. However, the rice and curry of Pol Sambolaya seemed to be good cause I saw some people (mots probably patrons of the joint) ordered a few rice and curry s so yeah would come another day to try it out 🙂

Pol Sambolaya is not excellent, but still worth the visit if you are nearby! Who knows?? You just might like it

Article by – Suwin AMarabandu

Contributing Reviewers – Sanduni Perera , Waruna Gurugamage


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