Biriyani from Pizza Hut

Good place for pizza, not so good for biriyani 

Times      - Daily 11.00am to 11.00pm
TP         - +94 2 729 729
Per Person - Rs. 280 ( small), Rs. 360 (large)

Pizza Hut is an average Sri Lankan’s go to place for Pizza, although there are many better options in town if you are willing to pay the price. However, for a fast food outlet pizza hut does good pizzas, specially the thin crust pizza and their Hawaiian chicken is also a winner. Anyways, this review is not about pizza, but about pizza hut’s briyani!

IMG_0907   IMG_0909

Pizza Hut does have some more dishes like spaghetti and Macaroni and yea they can cook up a really tasty dish of spaghetti for like 600 bucks. However, the same cannot be said for the Briyani! The pizza hut biryani is kind of unique to them; it comes with a pita bread on top of it, which you have to take out to eat the briyani. An instruction card also comes with the serving stating how to eat the briyani and according to it we are suppose to dip the pita in to the gravy and enjoy the goodness. This sound like a concept out from New York, but I would have liked it; if the pita actually tasted good. Unfortunately nothing was done correctly in this so called Brizza of pizza hut. The rice was slightly under-cooked, the onion sambol was not fresh at all and the gravy tasted the same as what you get with the KFC Chicken Biriyani -_- . Let me tell you about the chicken; it was a bloody disaster!  Strangely pieces of chicken tasted like sausages, and even for fast food outlet this is unacceptable and as far as authenticity goes this is  nowhere near  a real briyani.



Pizza Hut is a good place for pizza and even spaghetti, but their briyani its best to be avoided.


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