Fish and Chips

Address       - No.135, Tisara Plaza, Dutugemunu Street, Kohuwala, Sri Lanka.
TP            - 0777-220440
Cuisine       - Seafood, Sri Lankan
Website       -
Per Person    - Rs. 150 - Rs. 600


Who does the best Fish and Chips in town? Ramas?? Manahattan Fish Market? You guys decide and let us know. Anyhow we got to know about this small restaurant serving great Fish and Chips in Kohulwala and thought of trying out the place. We went there with high hopes for some good fish and chips on a Saturday and let me say that “we really like to hate, but also love it at the same time! ”


Since, it was a Saturday and the place was crowded with a nearby institute’s students. Rice and Curry (Rs.150) seemed to be the most  popular dish among the people and we thought of trying out their favorite as well. But its kind of weird for a place which sells fish and chips to sell rice and curry, but if there is business who are we to argue? 😉 The place was not that clean, I mean literally it took them around 20 minutes to clean the table next to us and our table wasn’t that clean as well.  However, the staff was kind enough to clean the table after we requested them to do so. Therefore, we suggest you guys not to dine in, but take it away and enjoy your food without all the flies buzzing around you.  We ordered the rice and curry, fish and chips (rs.400), and a shrimp salad (Rs.120).  I see why Rice and Curry is so popular! It was a good deal for the price and the food was served hot. All the curries were well spiced and the fish tasted good as well. Now comes the bomb!! The fish and chips was just amazing…. It had flavour, taste and even the smell was mouthwatering. It took them a good 30 minutes to cook it up, and I  believe its well worth the wait. The fish was marinated well and not overcooked at all like some other places. So yeh it was just perfect. The shrimp salad simply sucked! It was just some veggies marinated with lime, a mayo dressing served, and with a few shrimps. I didn’t like it at all and it was kind of a disappointment for otherwise a perfect meal. In conclusion, Fish and Chips is a great place for some actual Fish and Chips and I think your better off not dining-in.





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