Blue Bird Cafe – Kollupitiya

A cheap buth kade!

Times - 12 pm onward
Per person - Rs. 100 - Rs.250

Kollupitiya or Colpetty for suddas, is an area which houses many small and large business organizations, educational institutes and it is also among one of the most rapidly developing areas of the island. So what does a person works, studies or do almost anythin in Kolluppitya has to do to get a good packet of rice and curry for lunch? It might be harder than you expected , because some kades just don’t do justice to the meal while other places have exorbitant prices. Anyways in search of some rice and curry we hit the streets around 2.30 pm (a rather unholy time to seek for lunch) and saw this small kade with a big sign named, “Blue Birds Cafe”. Inside of the establishment seems to be very much alive even around 2.30 pm and it restored our faith in buth kades of Colombo which usually runs out of supplies by two in the afternoon. IMG_0825 They serve rice and curry, fried rice and briyani for lunch and they also have those packaged watalapan and caramel. A rice and curry will set you off somewhere in between Rs.110 – Rs.140 and a fried rice will cost a Rs.180. I dunno how they manage the establishment with these kind of prices, because there seem to be a fair amount of service staff and they also might have to pay the rent. Well Blue birds must be have profit or else why be in business? 😮 Anyways the food was good and it tasted so hot n’ fresh! You get a hearty piece of chicken with their rice and curry, but I don’t have much faith in their fried rice, cause it didn’t looks too good and the fried chicken seem to a bit dry. Anyhow we enjoyed their rice and curry very much and this just might be the place we are looking for to go for the occasional rice and curry. IMG_0828(They were out of two vegetables and told us to wait for 5 minutes but the time was not on our side)


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