Chutneys – Cinnamon Grand!

Indian Cuisine at its best!!

Location - Cinnamon Grand, Kollupitiya, (Colombo 3), Colombo
TP       - 011 2437437, 011 2320001
Website  -
Type     - South Indian Cuisine
Open:    - 12.00 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. (Lunch) and 7.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m. (Dinner)
Per Person - Rs. 1200 - Rs. 2500

Sri Lankans really love Indians!! Specially during the season of cricket! But, this is kind of a secret romance, because we show our affection to the Indian cricket team by cheering for the Pakistanis! However, we have a really close relationship with India since the beginning of the times!. Moreover, both of the nations peoples share the passion for curries, spices, roti, and dosa! I love Indian food no matter, whether its from Chennai or Delhi and my tastebuds go crazzy over them!! Colombo has a fair share of Indian restaurants, but authenticity of the food is a big question!! Greenlands, and Sri Vihar (Shanthi Vihar- RIP) are good options  for South Indian cuisine(vegetarian obviously) in the city while Mango Tree, Maharaja Palace and Chutneys are strong contenders of the Indian food scene in Colombo! Chutneys is located in the busy Cinnamon Grand and we didn’t have a chance to visit it for the last few months! With high hopes we went to Chutneys for a scrumptious meal of Indian food.

340_full (Source- tastylk)


Cinnamon Grand is famous for its culinary sensation offered to us Colombars through variety of dynamic restaurants, from the 24 hr restaurant, Taprobane to their famous Cheers Pub. We went to Chutneys  for dinner and it was simply awesome!!!! Our friend who is kind of an expert (hahhaha -_- right!!) in Indian Cuisine ordered on behalf of us. She ordered some Chapathi,  Mutton Korma, Paper Dosa, Wade, Kulfi for dessert and some Mango Lassis!! Without a delay food was served and believe me, everything was awesome!! It was like one of Bach’s symphonies (for the people who are in to the barouqe period music), and like a MJ song for others!!! It tasted so good from the first bite! As far as authenticity goes ahh.. this is the stuff!! Out of everything I just loved the Mango Lassi and the Kulfi!!  Lassi had the sweet taste of Mango which felt like eating an actual mango fresh off the tree!  😀 Korma and everything else was good! Nothing was under or overcooked and chefs of chutneys have actually shown their maturity by not making these simple dishes complex (because some believe a dish should be complex to taste good -_-).

IMG_0881    iwwmg_0753 (

Ambiance & Service

You can see the famous Cinnamon Grand pool, and Tao from the Chutneys dinning area!! Restaurant has a nice feeling and the interior is trendy enough to make you feel comfortable. Its kind of cozy inside and it wasn’t that crowded. The service was quick and waiters were attentive, furthermore they make sure that the diners are comfortable.

The total damage was around 5k, which is a bit expensive for Indian food!! You get what you pay for and this is Cinnamon Grand!!!

All in all I give two thumbs up for Chutneys, because everything was perfect! It might  be an expensive option to go out for each and everyday (unless you are related to a rich uncle 😉 ), but its a good option for a special occasion!


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