Ciconat Lounge

Chocolate Heaven!

Address    - 107 Barnes Place, Cinnamon Gardens (Colombo 7), Colombo
TP         - 011 2679292
Cuisines   - Italian, Middle Eastern, European,Internaional
Facebook   -
Website    -
Per Person - Rs. 500 - Rs. 1200

Chocolate is something which we all love no matter how old we are! Its just amazing how people or even diabetics are still tempted to eat chocolates; its like an addiction and yeh I am a proud addict of Chocolates! Colombo has its fare share of coffee shops, but chocolate based coffee shops or chocolate shops? o.O I don’t think so! In fact Ciconat Lounge is one of the very few places in Colombo to go for a chocolate based drink!!!! So where to get the perfect cup of hot chocolate or maybe a pure chocolate chilled 😉 ?

photo 4 (2)    photo 4


When we walked in to the lounge,  the sweet aroma of chocolates were everywhere!!! The environment was so chilled and it wasn’t that crowded! From the outside it might not feel like much, but it is really comfortable inside andt hey also have a counter where some imported chocolates and malts are sold. Moreover, Ciconat Lounge houses Shisha!!!!! XP Although they call them selves an Italian outlet, its more like a mixture of Arabian, Italian and French cuisine.

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We Ordered some hot chocolates (Rs.500), Cafe Lattes (Rs. 380), a Belgian Waffle (Rs.440), A Napoletana  Pasta(R.650), and a Fred Calamari. The menu is extensive!!! There are more to this than the beverages and Pasta!! According to Sheldon Cooper , a hot beverage is  offered when a person is depressed! Well the Hot Chocalte is a great fix for a depressed person like me!! Its just amazing and one of the best hot chocolates in the city of Colombo which I’ve tasted! Well its not your usual barista Hot Chocolate with lots of caffeine, instead this hot chocolate is unique to the Cioconut lounge and it is like drinking a melted pure chocolate!!!!! Even though, melted chocolate is  really not my thing, it was a really nice caffeine experience. Well their other offerings were pretty average!! The Pasta was really good, but other than that there is nothing to write home!!!!!

photo 2 (1)      photo 3 (1)


You get the usual coffee shop service in Ciconat too!! Maybe better XP And yeh its way better than coffee bean and not as much as busy too!!! So I will give a thumbs up to their service personal!

photo 2

By – Ramitha Dabare

Ciconat Lounge is a great place to visit if you are in to Chocolates and if you love a great caffeine fix!!!! But do remember its a lil bit expensive than your average coffee shop!!


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