Odel Food Court

Interesting place to have a quick bite

Odel, No.5, Alexandra Place, Colombo-07
Open - 7 Days a week 10 am onwards
Per Person - Rs. 150 - Rs. 800

Odel is one of the biggest department stores in COlombo as well as it is the oldest. They have evolved in their designs, customer service and also variety, however I personally think Odel’s clothes now has lost their charm, because 1 out of every 10 or 15 people wear Odel clothes!! Whatever you buy from Odel, the chances are there will be more than one person wearing the same clothes in the same room or maybe the building! 

O2 Image source – mangotree.net

Despite that Odel still is a god place to shop!! I mean they have most of the international brands and the prices are also on a bit international scale 😉 Anyways Odel houses a good food court!! Its better than the ones in Majestic City and Crescat, because Odel food court has variety, not just Chinese Chinese and yeh Chinese! Odel food court houses places like Mango Tree, Jack Tree, Harpos Pizza, Sandwich Factory, etc. So it is kind of exciting to be there!!!! They also houses one of the island’s most popular ice cream ‘Il Gelato’. I just ❤ the flavours of ice cream which they have to offer, moreover its a good place to chill. However, not for lunch cause it gets crowded by young set of people from nearby International Banks and so on!! You might not be able to find a seat at that time enjoy a good lunch!! That being said Odel Food Court is still a great place to grab a quick slice of Harpos Pizza or a Burger from the Sandwich Factory which is not that good though! 


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