Kalbo Bakers – Maharagama

Open - 6.30 am onwards...
Pastry Shop
Per Person - Rs.70 - Rs. 350

A worthy option in Maharagama!!

Kalbo is a really nice bakery on the highlevel road near Maharagama!! School kids to staff from near by banks satisfy their taste buds in this nice lil bake house and beileve me when I say this they do bake some amazing pastries!!!


Kalbo used to be a really small establishment and now they have expanded to two outlets and capacity!! Well the city of Maharagama don’t have any thing authentic to offer other than the international food franchises like KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut and our local pastry sensation, Fab!!!! Well tbh I like kalbo’s pastries more than the Fab’s offerings! They are reasonably priced in between Rs.40 – Rs.120! If you decide to stop here for some short eats, the Crispy Chicken or the Pork Roll is a must (Rs.70). Moreover, they also serve an average lunch for a reasonable price, not rice and curry though! They cook up some really nice fried rice which will cost around 250 bucks. Kalbo short eats have kind of a home baked feeling, and it is yet another reason why I like Kalbo so much. So all in all Kalbo is a great place in  the culinary waste land of Maharagama and also a worthy option on your way to Galle using the expressway!!


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