Indiyappa Kottu!! (String Hopper Kottu)

Change is good!

You guys have had kottu right!! I mean obviously to become a Sri Lankan eating a kottu is a must! !! Kottu comes in different varieties and the industry has evolved through many innovations like Masala Kottu and Paneer Kottu from Kottuville! However, Indiyappa Kottu is not very popular among Sri Lankans and maybe that’s because it is not there in Pillawoos!! (Colombo’s most popular kottu). Anyways, Indiyappa kottu or Stirng hopper kottu as known by Le Suddas are an amazing alternative to your usual Saturday night Roti Kottu! The ingredients are the same, and so are the varieties, but it has a different flavour! For people who like variation in their kottu dose, an indiyappa kottu is good addition!! Moreover, you can get all the flavours as that in a normal kottu offers. Even though, they cook it the same way as a normal kottu if you are not a fan of string hoppers give this a miss! I don’t think its available in Pillawoos, not sure though! If it is please let us know!! So where to get this savory offering? Well most of the street side food kades who cook up kottu will do it on request! Just tell them to use string hoppers instead of roti and it will cost you somewhere in between Rs.170 – Rs.350!!!



It might not look that good!! But you can’t judge a book by its cover yea???

Try it if you dare!!! 😛


2 thoughts on “Indiyappa Kottu!! (String Hopper Kottu)

  1. For awesome Indiappa koththu and Cheese koththu, try Sunmill restaurant at kottawa (between kottawa town and highway entrance). They are awesome

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