Manhattan Fish Market – Colombo

Address - No.31 Deal place (Duplication Road), Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
TP - 011 2 301901
Website -
Facebook -
Cuisines - Seafood
Times -  Mon - Thu: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm, Fri: 1:30 pm - 12:00 am,  Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Per Person - Rs. 1300 - Rs. 2500

Colombo has a good deal of sea food restaurants, and international food chains, however as far as I know Manhattan Fish Market is the first Sea Food specialized global chain i Sri Lanka! We hear chains like TGI Fridays and Jack in the Box are going to open up outlets here!! Hopefully they will do it soon cause my bundiee is craving for some delicacies from TGIF. Manhattan Fish Market came in to the country creating a big hype using social media and I don’t know whether to love MFM or hate it!!

998134_527470907319674_1061521158_n(Source of the pic – Facebook page of MFM)

To start off, let me say that it is one of the most expensive international fast food chains in Sri Lanka!! Add the 10% service charge and 12% vat to their menu prices and you will get a bill with a lot of zeros at the end!! One thing I like about MFM is that they have got the basic things right like great customer service, and good ambiance! As soon as someone enters, guys from the MFM will greet him or her! Moreover, their menu is pretty impressive, because it has pictures of almost every dish and they have a great variety of offerings which you might not  be able to find in most of the fast food chains here! Anyways after the greetings we took a look at the menu and ordered  Spicy Baked Fish (Rs.1090), Fish & Chips (Rs.890), a Scallops  Fish Chicken  (Rs.1490), two Citrus Mints (Rs.390 each), and some colas!


The Citrus mints were amazing!!! I really loved it!!! Its like a Lime Mojito mixed with some heavenly ingredients (not vodka :p ). It tasted so refreshing and I don’t think that I’ve ever had a Citrus Mint like that ever in COlombo!!! The Spicy Baked Fish was a waste of money!!!! It was too spicy, yeh they say its for those people who love spicy stuff, but c’mon its too damn spicy!! I eat my amma’s lunumiris without a problem, but this was like hell for my taste-buds. Moreover, you only get a lil bit of baked rice and it is barley enough for half a person so that’s a big No! No!  for the Spicy Baked Fish. The Scallops Fish Chicken was ok!! I mean my friends loved it, but I personally think that it lacks flavour and the chicken was a bit dry!!! This dish is edible though, and not as bad as the Spicy Baked Fish. However, its a different story with the Fish and Chips!! I really loved it and I think MFM is one of the few places which you can get an authentic Fish and Chips in Colombo!!! It was simply awesome and it had everything. The dish was full of flavour and the fish was cooked perfectly while the chips also tasted good! Hence I will give 2 thumbs up for the Fish and Chips!

IMG_0697    IMG_0698

If I decide to go to MFM again it will purely be for the Fish and Chips (Classic!! :*). We hear good things as well as bad things about this place, however, it wasn’t that bad and at all but it is a pricey option for a meal from  a fast food chain!!

Article by – Suwin Aamrabanu

Contributing Reviewrs – Ramitha, Ramona, and MIchelle.


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