Fingara Town and Country Club

Good Atmosphere! 

50/21, Old Kesbewa Road, Rattanapitiya, Boralesgamuwa Sri Lanka.
TP - 94 11 2509676
Website -
Open everyday, 6 am - 12am

Sri Lanka lacks  places to hangout and chill, specially places like Country Clubs! As far as I know Fingara is one of the two Country Clubs Sri Lanka has! Well Fingara doesn’t have a golf course, but it does have a well equipped gym, banquet and meeting halls, a bar, two restaurants, a karoke lounge, tennis, squash, basketball, and badminton courts, a swimming pool, indoor cricket nets, and a coffee shop. So yeh its one of the closest things we have for a country club.


I can’t cover all of their facilities in one review, however I will try to cover the food and the bar. You need to have a membership to enter the premises and a life membership willwine_&_dine_2 set you back a Rs.175,000. This is a really good deal, since life members can use the gym, pool and courts for free!!! Fingara used to be a really nice club around 5 years back when it was managed by Ceylinco, however after it was taken over by the government Fingara degraded immensely. Now once again it has been bought by a private organization, as a result Fingara is rapidly transforming  to its former glory.


The restaurants are pretty good and it will cost you around 500 bucks for a Chicken Fried Rice!! So you get the basic idea yea??? 😛 A plate of  bites will also cost you  around 600 bucks!! So their menus are well priced for a country club. The food is good and their chefs cook up some good and greasy bites to  satisfy your taste-buds.  The Bar is really good and a local 50 ml shot of liquor will cost you around 160 bucks! The Atmosphere is great and the service is really good as well, and the waiters know who you are and patrons get a VIP service as always.

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* a tax of 12% and a service charge of 10% should be added to the above prices

If you are not a member go with a friend who is!



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