Bars Cafe (inclusive a review of their mid week lunch buffet)

Address - Opposite Seylan Bank, Duplication Road, Kollupitiya, (Colombo 3), Colombo
TP - 011 2575157
Cuisines - International
Website -
Times - From 11 am onward...
Per Person - Rs. 450 - Rs.1200

A really good cafe on the Duplication!!

Colombo has a good deal of cafes to satisfy all the official looking people to use their laptops in free wifi zones while teens have a smoke or chat away with a group of friends sipping imported, but expensive coffee!! Duplication Road caters to the one of the rapidly developing areas  of Colombo which houses local corporate giants as well as Multi National Organization. Duplication Road has many options for breakfast, lunch dinner and even for Friday Nights, however I still believe it lacks places where you can just chill and Bars is all about chilling for all nearby college students and corporate personal.



Few years back Bars cafe didn’t have any culinary competition, but now they do!!!! Manhattan Fish Market, Min Han, Plaza, Sponge, Chesa Sweet, and Navayugaya are all housed within 100 M of Bars!!!! Therefore, they have come up with new offers and menus to satisfy their customers taste-buds. Bars Cafe is operated by one of the oldest bakers in Sri Lanka, Perera and Sons (P&S), hence they do have some really fresh breads and pastries!  We go to Bars, quiet a lot and for the purpose of this review we ordered a  Nasi Goreng (Rs.600), 12″ Chilli Garlic Roast Chicken Sandwich (Rs.550), and the Mid week Buffet.


I really like the food in Bars!! Nasi Goreng was pretty average!! Its amazing, but Bars chefs has not cooked the rice with perfection, because it tasted a bit out offood_and_dishes32 the order. However, all the other offerings in the dish was just amazing!! Meat was perfect and the prawns had a good flavour to it, but the imperfection of the rice made an amazing dish, an average one. I just loved their 12″ sandwich, its perfection spelled right!!!! The bread was soooo fresh and the fill up was also amazing. Veggies and the chicken was mixed nicely making it a food symphony orchestrated by Mozart!



The mid week buffet (Rs.590 Nett including taxes, service charge and VAT) – 12 Course buffet including chicken, fish and deserts. 

The buffet was pretty average! Its not amazing and certainly don’t expect anything like Taprobane, but for the price all you can eat mid week buffet is a bargain. I think Bars has a problem with rice and all, because it didn’t taste that good and the rice was a bit overooked!! Moreover, noodle tasted really really bad and lacked basic ingredients like salt and it was a bitter as well! But the salads in the buffet created amaze-balls :p They were sooo good, but I can’t say the same for the chopsuey or their other offerings! Chicken was alright , it was a bit too sweet but edibale! Once again the buffet’s deserts were just amazing as well!! So bars does an amazing job with what they are good at!!

IMG_0813 IMG_0809 IMG_0808

Ambiance & Service

Bars is a really nice place to hangout and they do have separate area for families and another for noisy teens to hangout!! It feels like you are in someone’s house and the service is also good!! Howeve,r it take a good 15 – 20 minutes for Bars to serve you with their delicacies!




* We took some pictures form their website

All in all Bars is a good place to go for a good meal!! But things like rice and Chinese cuisine are not their strong point.


2 thoughts on “Bars Cafe (inclusive a review of their mid week lunch buffet)

  1. Bars cafe has really bad service! They use to have some great servers but not anymore! They serve the local guest really badly. But if you are a tourist you can expect the server to kiss your feet! They have the sick mentality that the locals come to beg for food! They serve the food like throwing a plate of food to the animals. Really bad service!!!!

    • Ahh Agreed!! I’ve experienced this first hand when I started to go there but they see me at least once every two weeks and there is a really good waiter!! He always serves us so maybe that’s why!!! They should actually improve their service!!

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