Sisila- Pollonaruwa

Rs. 200 per head
Polonaruwa, Sri Lanka


Recently we went on a trip to Polonnaruwa after the exams!! To chill and to get a taste of the Sri Lankan Heritage and Culture. Let me start off by telling “Polonaruwa is an amazing destination and I would like to call it the Cairo of Sri Lanka!! ” Despite the wonderful sights Polonaruwa is a largely under appreciated part of the country! We went to see the ancient ruins of Gal Viharaya around 4 pm on a weekend and it was empty! This is a good sign for us cause we anyway don’t like cozy environments however, not a good sign for the economy of the area or the county!

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On our way to Polonaruwa we found this small buth kada named “Sisila”. Will update you guys with the location soon cause we are still trying to figure where it was! Its a bit close to Wilpathuwa and like a 20 – 30 min drive from the city of Pollonaruwa! (depends on the driver cause we had a friend who was a part of the cast of Fast and Furious -_- ) Anyways this buth kade had a proper buffet of around 10 courses for 200 bucks per head! This is far away from the Cinnamon Grand’s Sunday brunch, but so  are the prices 😉 We went to Sisila around 3 in the evening to fill our bundees but sadly they have run out of chicken! But the owner was nice enough to cook up 10 omelettes for 5 people!! ❤  So I will give 5* for the customer satisfaction part! It was rice and curry and the food was pretty good! It was full of flavors and a bit spicier than what we usually eat in Colombo! If you ever go to Polonaruwa Sisila is a must visit for lunch or even dinner!


Contributing Reviewers – Treveen Dexter, Binuk De Silva, Waruna Gurugamage, Suwin Amarabandu, Viren Kulathunga


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