Jucieez- Dambulla

Juiceez-Pelwehera,  Dambulla Road,Pelwehera
Tel:066 2285268
Per Person - Rs. 130 - Rs. 300

Good place to stop for the toilets 😉

when I go on trips one of my major concerns are toilets ! If we decide to stay in a bungalow the first thing I do is pick the room with the best toilet!! And worry not peeps the toilets in Jucieez Dambulla by CIC are above average 😀 That aside Jucieez establishments are one of the most popular places to have  fresh juice or branded ‘kesel gedi’ (bananas), and Jucieez Dambulla is not so different from the ones in Colombo!


(Source – Sunday Times) – Pic above ^

How are their drinks?? Well the are above average and sooo fresh!! We ordered few Lassi’s (Rs.280), Avacado(Rs.160), Orange (Rs.190) and Lime Jucies (Rs.150), some branded bananas, and a few yogurts! The fresh juices were just amazing and sooo fresh! However, I didn’t like the way the Avacado tasted!! I’ve had far better from Jucieez outlets located in Colombo! That was the only down side and apart from that everything else was just awesome!!!!  One thing I loved about Jucieez Dambulla was that they had a play area!! It brought back our childhood memories so thought of trying out few of those wild rides!! (Kids these days 😀 ) So Its a great stop over if you are travelling with family and also I will say this again, they do have clean toilets!!!! 😛                                               

998555_10201559968663409_1699852171_n    1356_10201559970663459_1085077681_n

Kids These days 😀


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