Kottuville – The American style Sri Lankan Kottu truck 😉

Hotline – 077-5479949

Per Person – Rs. 250 – Rs.500

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Kottuville

IMG_0795Kottu!! the trademark of Sri Lankan street food!! Anywhere you go from Colombo to Anuradhapura or even in Nuwerliya you will get to hear the ‘taka taka’ beat from most street corners cooking  the tasty humps of rotti together with chicken, fish, egg, pork and beef!! These are the kottu classics in the streets of Sri Lanka!! Then the innovations happened!! I dunno who really started it but I had my first bite of Cheese Chicken kottu with an Ice Milo from Pillawoos! Then the Masala Kottu in Plaza and now the latest innovation from Kottuville the Street food kottu truck!!!!


We ordered two chicken kottus(Rs.280 each) one hot butter cuttlefish kottu(Rs.380)  and going a bit out of our usual way two chocolate rottis (Rs.150 each) !! All the kottus were above standard and like a complaining bear “I actually like Kottuville kottu more than Pillawoos” Guyz!!! I have to tel,l this is my personal preference only!! Anyways Sanduni was telling, “Whoaa!! this kottu is hot” and Treveen was like “Isn’t all the Kottus hot?? o.O” But I have to agree this chicken kottu had a spark to it!! It was hot, but not overcooked!! All the spices were just right (sanduni wanted more salt though -.- ) and it just brought us the perfection of a savory meal! People seem to like the cuttlefish kottu a lot but for me it tastes a bit weird and was oily as well!! The cuttlefish didn’t taste neither good nor fresh (sth might be wrong with my taste buds)! Ramesha said that she didn’t like the kottu but started to dig in after a while 😉 The chocolate rotti was just amazing!! A great innovation by great people! It might not be for the ordinary taste buds but it offers an unique flavour  for all the chocolate lovers out there!


IMG_0792   IMG_0796


Service was quick, but not pillawoos quick! Maybe because some small kids came and started asking for pure cheese (add on – Rs. 100) and started calling me an uncle -_-

It was a really good culinary experience which made our bundees full! You can go to their facebook page for the truck schedule and the menu! They are parked on the 5th Lane Kollupitya for Lunch (these days)!

Article By – Suwin Amaabandu

Contributing Reviews – Trevven Dexter, Sanduni Perera, and Ramesha Yapa


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