Odel – Maharagama

Odel – A good place to buy anything

No 278,  Highlevel Road,  Maharagama, Sri Lanka. 
+94 (0)114-641180.
10.00am till 8.00pm
From Rs. 100 onward...

Everyone know the story of Ottara Gunawardena, the role model for women cooperates in Sri Lanka!! She started the franchise with a small car and then this happened! Few years back Odel used to be kind of a posh nosh place where an average Colombar wouldn’t step in ! However, after they started to expand the franchise normal folks also got the opportunity to enter  this world of fashion and glamour! 



Odel maharagama was established as a result of their expansion process. Well there is not much to review about!! Its the usual stuff, chick fashion for all ages, good interior, friendly service, gaggaga! Oh I forgot they have a play area for the kids so you uncles and aunties 😉 can leave your kids there and do shopping taking your sweet time! However, Maharagama outlet doesn’t have the selection of their main department store in Alexander Place! So if you want to carefully select and buy something branded better head to Alexander Place, however if you are in a hurry Odel Maharagama is a viable option as it is on the high level road which directly goes to the Southern Highway! 

Odel is a good place to shop although many criticize by expanding operations Odel has lost its glamour I think so not, because when franchises grow they have to expand and it will bring positive influnces in developing the local economies of Colombo’s suburbs! 


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