Coffee Stop Cinnamon Grand

Amazing Coffee in a great atmosphere

Open: 7.00 a.m. – 2.00 a.m. daily
Reservations: (94) (11) 2 497382

Colombo has its fair share of coffee shops, some are well priced while some have exorbitant prices that only people who have Merks can afford them!! I mean who is willing to pay 800 – 1200 bucks for a coffee? :O Coffee Shops are the place where the hype is!! Teenagers hanging out for hours having coffee, chilling, having project meetings while some of the more mature population benefit from free wifi. 

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Cinnamon Grand coffee stop is one of the coziest establishments for coffee in the city of Colombo! Its packed during weekends with the hotel guests and uncles who are having coffee and important conversations! But the good thing about coffee stop is that you can order something and then have it in the lounge, if the coffee stop is too crowded or you are planning on being there for a few hours!!


1070086_10202250536603946_688209558_nThis place is popular due to many reasons!! Its totally worth paying the price and you get amazng coffee for reasonable prices 😀 We bought 4 beverages (1 Ice tea, 2 Hot Chocolates, 1 Cold Chocolate) and the bill came up to Rs.1500 including the taxes and it’s worth it! The beverages in coffee stop are just amazing!! I have been there so many times and never found a fault in any of their offerings! One thing I like about Coffee Stop is that they have a wide range of wonderful pastries and other delicacies (Rs.100 each). They also have sandwiches and some really tasty but expensive chocolates! Moreover, all their foods are cooked according to the Cinnamon Grand’s 5* standards and they have some unique flavors integrated into their foods as well as beverages. 

Service and ambiance

Service is super fast (obviously its cinnamon 😉 ) and I’ve not seen them mess up once of so many times been there! Furthermore, the staff is1069856_10202250541724074_1549777399_n very humble (a hard quality to see in the Sri Lankan food scene) and will help you with anything! The interior is super chilled and I passed my last semester all thanks to studying in coffee stop 😉 You can stay there forever, and won’t feel tired due to their cozy environment! Additionally, there are power outlets to charge your laptops so don’t worry about power!! However, they don’t have free wifi and that’s the only down side of Coffee Stop!  Hopefully they will come up with a solution for this in the near future and coffee stop would be heaven for us coffee goers!!! 

Coffee Stop is worth your time, money and go there once and you would just fall in love with the place. 

Suwin Amarabandu


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