Isso Wade;)

On the  Galle Face Green!!

Galle Face Green is a hallmark of the Sri Lankan food scene, because it houses amazing culinary sensations this city has to offer! The Green has it all, legendary Rauf Nana’s to Bombay Motais and isso wade 😉 If you still haven’t had an authentic isso wade from the galle face pls don’t consider yourself as a Sri Lankan and its high time to get Sri LAnkenized!

935107_10202250545884178_137849449_n              970434_10202250546964205_559172589_n

Wade is one of the better things we got from South India, and as you all know food unites us as a nation! Consequently, Wade is a good symbol for a uniting nation 🙂 Anyways I love wade! and if you guys loves prawns or shrimps or whatever you call it, isso wade is a must try! And what a better place to try it other than near a beautiful beachfront!! You can witness the beatiful sunset, giggles of happy couples and dramas of not so happy couples while having a good wade! Unlike most of the other places in Sri Lanka you will see more than one prawn in isso wades found in Galle Face green. 60786_10202250546004181_113791561_nThey are well spiced and come with a bit of onions and a really spicy sauce which would take your taste buds to the next level!

It will cost you somewhere between Rs.30 – Rs.100 and all those posh nosh people out there who are too afraid to try wades thinking you will get to live in the toilet next day! OH c’mon you guys are missing a lot!


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