Fab – Kollupitya

Amazing Pastries!!

474, Galle Road, Kollupitiya, (Colombo 03), Colombo
Fast Food, Patisserie
6am - 7pm on Weekdays
Rs. 30 - Rs.250 per person

Breakfast, Lunch or even for dinner Sri Lankans will eat this so called short eats and that’s why chains like Perera and Sons, Fab, Charriot, and Susiko have grown so fast!!! Us Lankans love our malu pans and Chinese rolls (now its more like Sri Lankan rolls) as much as we love our kottu!! Its not just about the food its a life style for poor folks like me as well as country’s top CEO s !!

IMG_0780 IMG_0779

Fab is one of the oldest pastry shops in Sri Lanka and it is one class above your average pan karaya on a tuk or road side petti kade! You will see all those posh aunties driving merks in the establishment as well as the young crowd having some pastries to satisfy their taste buds! Fab is also popular for cakes which can be bought on the spot or orders can be made and the outcome is a masterpiece!


IMG_0781 As I said Fab is a pastry shop, but now they have  introduced different varieties of food  to step up   their business like lamprais, mini burgers (<3), etc. Their pastries range from somewhere between 40 – 100 bucks and the pricing for the cakes start from 1000 bucks! The Pastries are really good! Their bakery does it all right:D  The color, crust, spices and the filling are all done perfectly to satisfy the Sri Lankan tastebuds!! Moreover, they do some amazing desserts!! I just love their almond tarts and the gateau cakes (Rs. 1300 – Rs. 1800)! I can’t say the same about their Lamprais though; I mean its not that bad but simply don’t like the way it taste!

The service is a bit slow, specially in the afternoons, because you have to order pay the bill and collect the order. As a result, some trainees get confused and sometimes forget the orders so they have to do it all over again!

All in all fab is a fabulous place to get a quick bite on your way to the office and they have risen to become the market leader in the pastry industry!! 

Suwin Amarabandu


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