Burgers King

TAKING SRI LANKAN TASTE BUDS to the next level :p

ADDRESS - 1, Vellons Passage, Slave Island (Colombo 2), Colombo
TELEPHONE 011 4557227
Cusines - FASTFOOD
Rs. 190 -Rs.  500 per person

Zomato (Full menu) - http://www.zomato.com/colombo/burgers-king-slave-island

Burgers!! Ah that juicy patty and amazing flavours!! This is what you call a perfect burger which will make us foodies taste buds go crazzy 😀 However, you have to really go that extra mile to find an authentic and a flavorful burger in Colombo.


I remember those days where Burgers King used to be a small cart and now it has  grown to become one of the most popular contenders in the Colombo dinning scene! They only used to cook up burgers, but now has moved to submarines, and shawaramas including burgers.


I have eaten here more than I care to remember! The burgers range from 190 – 300 bucks and they are pretty good! However, I still like the way Burgers king used to be when these guys were a small burger cart franchise. Despite Burgers King has changed the burgers are still good and you get a really juicy patty which is just perfect for Friday nights, Saturday early mornings to be exact.  [if you know what I mean 😉 ]. The spices are all good and there are lots of flavour and mayonnaise in some burgers. However, I can’t really say the same for their submarines!!! I’m not telling its crap; their submarines are totally edible but not up to the King’s hype. Shawaramas are really awesome but no where close to an authentic Arabic shawarma! Burger’s King shawarma is heaven filled with meat so you might not find veggies inside that pita!! Awesome experience and dynamic flavours!!


Its not 5 star so if you are the type who only enjoys Hilton, “Just don’t go here!!” Burgers King is a street food sensation where you literally eat on a road, and you might have to stand up and give way when tuk tuks want to use the small road! so252232_348098811954888_5671370_n yeh this is street food at its best!! And if you are a person who always eat in clean establishments, again “don’t go here”. Once a rat just passed by me while a cat was staring at my food! As I said not 5*!

AMAZING place to try if you haven’t tried before!! The service is also good and the everything is well priced! 


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