Sri Lanka Handicrafts BoardNo: 215, Bauddhaloka MawathaThummulla, Colombo 07
+ 94 112 588 316

Its been a while since I published a place for all ya shopaholics and to get Sri Lankenized so here goes nothing!!

I rarely spend on gifts!! I mean if its other than a gift for my family or few of my closest friends you will not find me giving anything away for free!! (specially food 😉 ) Sri Lanka has many gifts shops and the metropolitan city of Colombo has its own secrets for cheap gift shops which I will share with you guys later! However, Odel, Laksala, Paradise Road and Lakpahana are among the top of the island’s many gifts shops and other specialty items like exotic statues!!


 My fathers birthday is next week so after hours of roaming around in Colombo I bought some stuff from Crocodile and I had to DHL the package next day, first thing in the morning!! Then it hit me!! “I haven’t bought him a B’day card  ” nothing says happy birthday thathi!! without a birthday card -_- It was so late!! so all the usual places were closed, therefore I had no option but to step in to “LAKSALA”

Well I’ve been here a maximum of 8-10 times my whole life and yeh the price tags played a huge role of me not stepping in to LAKSALA!!!A handmade B’day card costed 180 bucks which seems rather reasonable, however a hand woven small pencil box will set you back 750 bucks and some statues cost like 500k 😮 you see where this is going eh? I don’t see this as a bad thing!! Yes us poor folks might not be able to afford some of them, but LAKSALA is usually full of tourists [bankrupt the suddas philosophy 😉 ] and its one of the best shops out there to show our local craftsmanship to the world.

Yes Laksala is expensive but they do have variety!! Piles of different kind of teas which I never thought existed before, IMG_0756amazing statues, really good quality clothes and Sri Lankan onermantes!! You name it, Its there! If you have a chance to drop in, there are loads of things to see and a great way to kill some time! The customer service is good and they never stalk you! Laksala team has the attitude of “take your sweet time” So you get the  idea!! They also have a Barista inside the premises so all you folks can go after shopping and have a nice cup of Coffee given that you have some money left. Its a really pleasant place to be, and if you are planning to go here  inform your CREDIT CARD CENTERS or they will assume that someone has stolen the credit card and breaking your bank!!! 😛  In  simple terms Lakasala is a HALLMARK of SRI LANKAN culture!

GO!! EXPLORE LAKSALA! who knows, you might find a statue which you love!!!! 

Suwin Amarabandu


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