Elite – Briyani

One of the most popular Briyanis in town!

19, New Bullers Road, Bambalapitiya, (Colombo 4), Colombo
CUISINES – IndianArabianChinese
Approx – Rs.300 – 700 Per person

I really like Elite food!! I mean they do their Naan’s right (finally)!! But like Submarines for Dinemore, Briyani is the most popular dish cooked by Elite’s chefs to satisfy your taste buds!!! :p Well I have had their Biriyani so many times cause its really good!! Its not amazing stuff, but they live up to the hype!! However, Elite still doesn’t cook a 100% authentic Briyani!! Not even close!!

The other night I had a rather unpleasant experience with the Elite’s most popular dish!! Its so unpleasant that my cat refused to eat it  and he practically eats anything!


That doesn’t look that good eh??? :_ Well as usual they had the egg, roasted chicken, yellow rice and the sambol!! There were huge hunks of rice that two people can’t literally finish it (a good sign for all you folk out there). For 280 bucks this is a rather wide offering but it doesn’t taste good at all!! Where do I even start?? Rice tasted like something out of a micro wave! It was a disaster spelled right! The proper flavour wasn’t there at all and when I started to dig deep the colour of the rice  dissolved and eventually I was just eating white basmathi rice -_- The boiled egg was ok!! (they can’t go wrong there right??) Sambol smelt  like it has been inside a fridge forever and the chicken was overcooked!! It tasted like rubber and I couldn’t swallow some parts of it!! All in all a two thumbs down


Suwin Amarabandu


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