Great Lantern

GREAT LANTERN is actually ok!!

11B, Crescat Boulevard Food Court, Kollupitiya, (Colombo 03), Colombo
Cuisine - Chinese
Rs.500 per person TP - (011) 233-3737

I am not a big fan of food court cuisine! However, given the circumstances I was left with no option but to dig in to the culinary grounds of Crescat’s food court!! After taking a few minutes to look around I thought of eating from this small but brightly lit restaurant called Green Lantern which is apprentice managed by the Great Wall Chinese restaurant on the Galle Road. Why did I choose this?? There aren’t many exciting opportunities to satisfy our taste buds in local food courts eh;) its the usual stuff! Pizza hut, Roots, gagagaga!!!


Anyways, to my pleasant surprise I found Great Lantern’s food to be  far superior than the other offering found in local food courts!! We ordered a Nasi Goreng and a Chicken Set Fried rice both of which came up to a total sum of Rs.800 odd including a large water bottle!! Well my friend didn’t like his fried rice!! Tbh the fried rice wasn’t that bad, but yeh the rice tasted a bit funny!! The Nasi Goreng which I had included a huge hunk of chicken and rice!! The rice was pretty average and the chicken was just amazing for the price tag!! Yeh it was oily, but the piece of chicken which I got was well marinated and cooked with perfection!! I simply loved it!!!

Great Lantern is a great option in the city’s food courts and a well reasonable one too 🙂

Website –

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