Acropol!! Good food on the Duplication!


Open - 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Cuisines - Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, an Arabic
Budget - 300 - 600 pp (with drinks, service charges and taxes)
Address: 247D, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 00300
Phone:011 4 710990

Colombo 3 and 4 are among the rapidly developing areas of Colombo, and specially the Duplication road houses many amazing and not so amazing culinary sensations! Manahattan Fish Market, BARS cafe, and Chesa Swiss are just a few those. All of the above establishments are a bit too pricey for obvious reasons, 1. I am broke 2. Its not worth the price 😉 However, I found this small restaurant when I was on my way to College called Acropol to fit my all needs!


Well its new for me, but it has been there for a while and they can cook up decent food at desperate times! They are located right opposite to Liberty Plaza and from outside it might not look like much, but guys as they always say, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover!! “

Since, my discovery it has been one of my favorite places to go after a night out to settle the taste buds with some IMG_0715shawarmas!!! Anyways today we ordered the Acropol Chicken Fried Rice (Rs.260), The Chicken Burger (Rs. 250), Chicken Submarine (Rs.280). All their foods are well priced compared to other establishments of the same manner 🙂

* Above prices are incl. tax and service charge


  • They have done all the dishes some justice!! I mean its not perfect or Hilton (not in Colombo though) amazing, but they cook up pretty good food!!  The chicken fried rice (enough for two “shape eke”) is good, but oily!! They have mixed chicken and other ingredients with rice, and which has an amazing end result!! Its very filling so I suggest you not to hit acropol before classes or school 😉 The fried rice comes with chili paste, furthermore the dish has all the required spices integrated in to it! The Chicken submarine was average; even though the submarine had all the essentials it tasted a bit out of the order maybe due to insane amount of onions!!! My personal preference is that the Dinemore’s submarine is better than this and they both are about the same size! The chicken burger was just amazing!! It was flavorful and all our taste buds went crazy with every single bite. In Conclusion, I will give two or maybe one and half thumbs up for their food!!
* Update – Biriyani
Acropol is one of the trustworthy places around Kollupitiya to satisfy my taste buds and a biriyani is a viable option. Its well prices at Rs.350 and comes with aIMG_1013 huge hunk of rice and a roasted piece of chicken. Even though, the Acropol Biriyani is good its nowhere near an authentic Arabic Biriyani. Its more of a Indian oriented Sri Lankan Biriyani with loads of oil, so if you are one of those health crazed people give the biryani a miss. The Chicken is well marinated and all the offering which comes with the dish tasted good, therefore biriyani is a nice change for your daily dose of rice and curry. 






IMG_0714 The service in Acropol is really bad!! Amateurs are the ones who are running the   service in lunch times and they do not understand a simple request from customer  like “put these food in two different bills!” So Acropol should look in to this ASAP!!!






In conclusion, Acropol is a really nice resturant to visit for lucnh or dinner, because they cook up some pretty good dishes! They serve most of the dihes for dinner only including shawarmas! Despite the quality of the food Acropol needs to improve their service to survive in the ever chaninging industry of fast food in Sri Lanka



Suwin Amarabandu‎


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