Peppers – Not so peppery!! :D

Peppers!! Maybe you’ve heard of the place o.O Its quite popular among some folks and very unpopular among others 😛



Let me start off by telling that the review is based upon my personal taste and some people might not agree with me!! I hope a sudu van won’t be in front of my home just for disagreeing with some people!!

On the day of the visit we ordered a chicken Hawaiian pizza slice (Rs.150), A Chicken pizza slice(Rs.150), the classic – macaroni and cheese, and Baked fish macaroni with salad! (Rs.290)


IMG_0681I personally feel that Peppers do justice to their pizzas!! Well as I said some people don’t agree!! But I like the way it tastes!! They might be a bit heavy on sauces, but the crust was good and the chicken tasted fresh! I just loved how the bits of pineapples tasted!!! Furthermore, they had a good balance between the ingredients cause it tasted almost the same up until the last bite!

Peppers is not the best place to have a pizza in the town, but I like them better than those so called pizza freaks, “Pizza Hut” (the slices are sooo oily -_-)! Anyhow the baked fish was ‘meh’ I mean it was ok!! Nothing to make the taste buds go crazzy!(salad didn’t taste fresh). The Macaroni and cheese was awful!! I mean I was expecting something good, but it just tasted like something which was in the fridge for a long time (too long) and served straight from the  micro- wave!! It didn’t have the cheesy flavor nor the freshens! Long story short “it sucked!!”


Peppers is a good place to visit in Majestic City food court, but better to stick to Pizzas!!! I don’t have faith in any of the other dishes!!

Opening time -10 am

Suwin Amarabandu


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