Eagle DVD shop

Who buys DVDs now right?? You just go online and download whatever the movie or the TV series  you wantto watch!! However, still Cololmbo has few secrets and Eagle DVD shop is one of them! They are located in the building right opposite to Majestic City and they do have a pretty good collection of movies!! (obviously pirated copies). The best part about this place is that you can buy 10 movies for 500 bucks that’s like 50 bucks each or an individual movie will cost you Rs. 60 -70 while a TV series only cost Rs.100-150!! So its a pretty sweet bargain!! And the copies they have on sale are usually pretty good!! I’ve never found a fault with any of my purchases but you guys better check before buying!!




Happy Hunting!!




9 thoughts on “Eagle DVD shop

  1. Awesome place to buy movies.. 🙂 I went there and bought 20+ movies.. all are great.. and the best thing is you can check each and every dvd there.. This place rox.. 🙂

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