Savoy Cinema 3D is a bomb!!

Savoy Cinema is one the youngest movie theaters in the city of Colombo!! I can say that it is a pretty awesome place to catch a movie!!!

Savoy Cinema went through a major refurbishment and it is now in a awesome shape! Savoy has 2 screens named Savoy 3D and Savoy 2! 3D theater usually shows Hollywood hits while the Savoy 2 shows the local productions! Furthermore, they also have their very own online booking system which I suggest you guys t use!! Specially for the 3D theater on weekends if you don’t want to end in front rows (like we did -.-)!! Savoy 3D is huge!!! and it gives you the best 3D experience the country has to offer!! I don’t know whether its me or Majestic City cinema 3D gives me headaches, therefore, I would personally watch it 3D either in savoy or watch it in 2D!! Anyways unlike majestic’s new theaters savoy still sells beer and their goodies are reasonable than the other movie theater prices!! Not that it matter cause we usually sneak in some goodies bought from Food City or Keells!! If you guys want to have a good 3D experience Savoy is the place to go!!

IMG_0663             IMG_0659

Rates and showtimes –


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