Finest!! _ FINE!!

Finest – is actually fine!

Majestic City!!!! One of the Colombo’s most popular destinations for shopping, having quick bites or even to bunk a class 😉 Oh yeh!!! You will see lots of kids doing that and making fun of those poor couples who are walking around Majestic City waiting for a movie to start!!

As I said people come to Majestic City to have a quick bite, because it houses most of the fast food chain in the island! Including local ones! Although I personally won’t go out of my way for a bite from the Pizza Hut or KFC, most of the locals seem to enjoy it very much!!! Well MC has opened it doors to a new food outlet called Finest in their movie theater areas as well as the shopping areas and it is slowly starting to gain attention from the shopaholics and the class bunkers!!!


  This small outlet serves pretty decent food!! Things like hot dogs are overpriced (Rs.270 -_-)     and it tastes like a big sausage in a bun (like buns people used to get in posh school cafeterias)! You are better off getting a hot dog from the Star Dogs in the food court! However, Finest does cook up pretty average dishes for decent prices! They do an egg macaroni for Rs.120 (which is a bargain) and some other foods stuffed in pita bread!We tried the Chocolate milkshake (Rs.90) and it was pretty good compared to other offerings in the establishment! Although, it tasted a bit like melted chocolate ice cream still it was drinkable!! Furthermore, they also offer other variety of shakes and dishes of french fries too!! All in all Finest is not amazing but  reasonable place to grab a quick bite while your girl friends or amma’s shop!!

Article by Suwin Amarabandu

  • TP – (011) 528-8304

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