GOH coffee shop Lamprais


Its really hard to find an authentic Lamprais in Sri Lanka unless you are somehow related to a Dutch aunt or a family!! However, places like Dutch Union, Green Cabin, Sugar and Mrs. Warusawithana‘s still do the meal a justice.

Grand Oriental Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the island and in the good old days it used to be a top contender in the market besides Galle Face hotel! However, over the time Galle Face hotel still survives with its former glory while GOH has become history!!! Despite the fact GOH still does good food in their Harbor room which has breathtaking views!! It has one of the most exclusive views the Colombo dinning scene has to offer its diners!!


I went to the rapidly developing area of  Fort last week and searched for a place to have a cheap, but a filling lunch because I was broke and insanely hungry(every time ^_^). Therefore,I thought of having an ice coffee and something to eat from the GOH’s coffee and pastry shop, but when I walked in they had  Lamprais packets(Rs.280)!! (no dine in facility available) So I bought the packet and headed to college hoping to have a good lunch cause my bundiee was simply craving for a delicious meal!! Oh boy!! I am sorry bundie!!! The Lamprais was disaster spelled right!!! It tasted so awful that I only had a few bites, and didn’t even finish the chicken (I usually eat almost anything) As you can imagine the Lmprais was far from being authentic and  the rice tasted severely under cooked and looked really ewwww!! It looked like this Lampraiss was made by kitchen help!!!! -_- Not only every piece tasted bloody awful it didn’t have the most essential parts of the dish like the paste or the mixed curry!!! Chicken was so overcooked it looked black and all the other stuff was just dry!! The cutlet was the only edible thing in the packet!!!

Verdict – I give two thumbs down to this Lamprais!! Its sad, because this hotel has so much potential and if GOH doesn’t step up the game they might lose their renaming patrons!!!!


TP – 94112320320

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grand-Oriental-Hotel-Colombo/239571342777074

Website – www.grandoriental.com

Article by Suwin Amarabandu


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