Sulthan Palace!!! A briyani Joint!!

380903_411278322277995_2076262185_nBiriyani!!!! ahhh everyone’s taste buds go crazy over this particular dish!! It doesn’t matter whether you are a Sinhalese, Tamil, or Muslim! I know that you just love this particular dish!!!! Its usually made using yellow rice and  seems that this wonderful dish originated from the Mughal Empire!! However, I would like to say that this dish has been so Sri Lankenized, and us locals tend to think that this is our very own dish!! A road side buth kade s well as a 5 star hotel like Taj serves this dish and it proves the impact of this so called Briyani in our culture!!!

Sulthan palace or better known has rahumania has gone through a dynamic change!! Its less dodgy now!!!! This place used to be one of our favorite kades to fill hungry stomachs at the time of schooling 😉 Rahumania used to be one of the better options, since as school kids we had a strict budget and had to buy all from Pokemon cards to  Ice Cream cones!! Where did the time go? 😮

Anyway coming back to Sulthan palace, its a viable option and also a strong contender in the Colombo’s dinning scene!! We will do a comprehensive review soon, but this time we will stick to their signature dish Biriyani!!


Biriyani❤ ahhh!!! I think one out of every 4-5 orders in Sulthan palace are biriyanis!! This is because these guys actually know what they’re doing!! Although, you might not get an authentic Arabic briyani it serves us Colombars well!  The Briyanis they serve are pretty good  and this is one of those places where you get a chicken which is actually bigger than the rice itself 😉 The chicken is the star in this dish! Sometimes it can be a bit oily though.(Sri Lankans love oil. Weird. Maybe we are too rich!! ). Moreover, they get all their spices right. The spices thing is a huge issue in Colombo’s restaurants, because some chefs don’t seem to understand how to use the bloody salt in correct quantities even -_-However, if you are a health conscious person,  this is not the place for you, because tasty food comes with a big calorie tag!! Well I have tried their Prawn dishes, chicken tikka and some other stuff!! But that’s for another time!!

In Conclusion, everything is pretty good and service is pretty average!! Waiters are usually attentive but they sometimes can go bonkers in busy nights! (that happens to the best of us 😉 ) For just 280 bucks(including taxes) for a huge hunks of rice and biriyani (per person), I will choose this place over most of the international fast food franchises in Colombo!

Article by – Suwin Amarabandu


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