Premasiri! – One stop Liquor shop!

Premasiri Supermarket is a well established supermarket in front of Colombo’s first shopping mall!! “Liberty Plaza”

0002643_lion_larger_can_300This place has it all!!! Bites, Wine, Other Liquors, and anything else you will find from a keells or any other supermarket in the city! But that’s not what this place is famous for!! Ariyapala is famous for its cheap booze! Not practically cheap but standard prices which comes with a friendly service and also a good variety of drinks!!  There is not much to talk about!! Ariyapala caters for rich business people getting out from Merks as well as us poor lads who just come in a tuk tuks to buy a bottle of local white rum or pol arakku 😉

This place doesn’t have much to talk about, because practically every Colombar knows this place extremely well!!!!!!!!!! If you are used to going to all those posh nosh places to buy liquor why not try Premasiri for a change???


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