New Banana Leaf!!

There  was a small restaurant called Banana Leaf on the galle road!! It was quite popular back in the day, because I remember my father used to buy lunch from their when my mom was too lazy to cook 🙂 !! Although, Banana Leaf’s food might not be the healthiest in Colombo, they managed to cook up pretty good food!! It was one of the well known secrets of Colombo for a quick bite and now it has made a come back!!!!!!!!!

They do a pretty good biriyani!! Yellow rice is a bit “meh” but they do a wonderful piece of chicken!! Its a tandoori chicken done right!! This is rare to find in Colombo! The spices are all their and its perfect !! I might buy a packet of biriyani from Banana leaf just for the chicken 😉

Furthermore, they do a pretty good rice and curry and you can also dine, in their restaurant!!

Open from 11.30am- 3.30pm for lunch!

In Conclusion, Its a good break from your usual buth kade, but not for all you health conscious peeps!!!!!!!

By Suwin Amarabandu


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