Meal Cart – A really nice place :)

If you are from Rathmalana or  use the Galle Road frequently, you should have surely seen this place somewhere near the entrance to the Ratmalana Airport. It is situated right next to the SLAF base in Rathmalana. If my memory serve me correct they started this foood joint around 5 years ago! After its establishment this place has built up its reputation as an amazing family restaurant, and a pastry shop!

It’s open most of the time!! This includes the festive seasons (which is rare for us Sri Lankans who very much enjoy our holidays;) ). It opens  at 6 am &  open till  10.30 pm.
Don’t worry if you are late to pick up dinner!!!!
Because, I have been to Meal Cart more than 1000 times or even more and
It’s always filled with smiling reception who are willing to serve you efficiently.
If you like to have your food inside the meal cart, you will be able to dine in with lovely background music played there most of the time while looking at the Giant Fish tank on the wall.


Lets talk food!!! Well… pastries are indeed good. But, the Bacon & egg surprise is a bit too oily. We’ve heard from Meal Cart and these are their exact remarks!

” Oh and the bacon and egg roll is oily because there’s cheese in it as well. So when it gets deepfried, the cheese starts to melt as well, make it a bit oily.”

Its really nice of them to comment on their products and that’s what I would like to call smart marketing!!!

However, you don’t have to worry about cold food at The Meal Cart as they are always fresh & warm.
Classical Eclair & the Doughnuts are their signature dishes and believe me,! if you taste this classic hit you’ll crave for more of their goodies!!!

They do a pretty good Ice coffee , but compared to other places they can improve.
Moreover, the cakes and sweets are not the strongest point of The Meal Cart.

They serve it all! Indian, Western & Sri Lanka cuisine for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner !!
But if you have big bundees or an appetite like me, I suggest you to dine in!!
They bake  a pretty good sandwich bread which can be compared to a normal  sandwich bread Hilton serves for breakfast 😀

So why not give it a try when using the Galle Road??

Article By Thyaga Gunasekara


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