Cup Cafe – Colombo’s newest coffee shop

Guys remeber those good old days where Barista first came to Sri Lanka? You have to go to barista to be ‘in’ with the crowd?? Well Cup cafe is  an amazing little coffee shop near Odel (Alexander place) which serves great variety of beverages, sandwiches, pastries and Fried Rice 😉 and they surely would make an impression in Sri Lanka like barista did!

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Compared to big chains like coffee bean and barista this place is small but that doesn’t mean it is not a good place to visit! In fact I love the way they havedownload (1) designed the place! They have a small outdoor area together with a children’s play area! Inside they have a very comfortable seating plan and it can be used for business meetings, studying, and to hangout with friends! I really love to study here, because you can order a coffee sit in a corner and stay there as much time as you want to!  Furthermore, this is one of the places I know which has a free WiFi connection which doesn’t get disconnected, and it is really fast for Colombo’s standards(they offer free Dialog 4G LTE WiFi). The establishment is clean and it is also quite so I can bet that you won’t be disturbed.


Well I have been to cup cafe more than once and they do excellent beverages! Yesterday we ordered a Lime Mojito (Rs.250), a Chicken Tandoori Sandwich (Rs.450), A Lime Tart (Rs.180) and some Sri Lankan tea! Well before going to any of the above let me tell you that they do have an amazing fried rice which only cost 180 bucks and it is a real bargain!!! They also have a very good range of coffees and you guys would love their caramel based ones! Moreover, the pastries are also really good but I didn’t like the way their burger taste! It wasn’t that good or filling and vegetables doesn’t taste right!!

_MG_2091Anyways coming back to our yesterday’s serving, they do serve an excellent mojito! Honestly its better than the barista’s one!! The lime mojito is a real winner!!  The flavors were just perfect and the lime acid, soda, and all the other ingredients  had a great mixture! I’ve tried all their mojitios and they are really nice too!!!! 

The Chicken Tandoori Sandwich tasted very good!! Tandoori chicken tasted like something from Delifrance, but for a far reasonable price tag! I was looking forward to try out their new Thai chicken sandwich but they said that they are still deciding on the recipe so it will take some time! However, the tandoori chicken sandwich had great flavor and the bred was also very good!! The veggies were fresh and the spices were just perfect!

_MG_2090The Lime Tart was totally worth it!! The whip cream was also  good and it didn’t taste artificial at all!! I think Lime tart is one of the cup cafe’sdownload signature dishes so if you are a fan of lime this is a must eat!!!!!  All their foods are reasonably priced and they do serve some really nice and fresh dishes!


Guys believe  me when I say this!! Their service is just awesome! They always serve you with a laugh and the Chinese gentleman who happens to the owner is very friendly with everyone and will always have a chat with his customers. The service is truly amazing and the staff should be complimented for their actions !

All in all cup cafe is a chilled place which I enjoy very much! The food and their beverages are reasonably priced, however I don’t know if it was only that day but the burger didn’t taste good at all!!! So I stick to my usual !! Cup Cafe has a huge potential to grow and if it all goes well you might see more than one outlet of Cup Cafes in Colombo and maybe in the world! Anyways hoping to taste their new sandwiches soon and hope they would sort the recipe problems quickly!


* Update

We finally got the chance to check out Cup Cafe’s newest sandwich, “The Thai Chcken Sandwich”. What can I say? Its really good!!! Has a nice taste to it and the chicken is mixed with the traditional thai sauce!! The chicken was well marinated and full of flaour! Moreover, we tried their Cinnamon cake!! It was a bit ‘meh’! I mean its good, but not as good as the lime tart!! I couldn’t taste much cinnamon and the 1st layer of the cake was a bt strange in taste! Anyways, its really nice to see cup cafe improving so go today and check their new offerings!!!!

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Article by – Suwin Amarabandu


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