Star Dogs! – A really long hot-dog!!!

Star dogs is a local Hot Dog stand franchise in Sri Lanka which cooks up  real American Hot Dogs!! I guess they started it small with a few flaours but it went viral very quickly because they offered something new to the local foodies!


They are located in Crescat food court and Majestic City Food Court and it is kind of busy at time because usually only one person does the cooking and serving it! Sausages aren’t fried but they are baked so if you are not a fan of baked sausages you might not like how it taste!

Despite the fact that they are baked, Star Dogs have some amazing flavours!!!!! It might be a bit exotic for the local culture, but its American!!!!!!!!! The melted cheese and the veggies they use are fresh and the sauces are also unique to their brand! The bun is also good and I have tried many but never found an overcooked or an under cooked sausage!! It is just paradise for all you hungry peeps !


All their hot dogs are reasonably priced and you get what you ask for! A jumbo hot dog will cost somewhere from 210/- – 300 bucks! Their flavours can be spicy!! All in all it a very good place for a hot dog and they always try to offer something new!! Be patient cause it might take some time to get your order at times!!


Article by Suwin Amarabandu


5 thoughts on “Star Dogs! – A really long hot-dog!!!

  1. This is such an honor. Thank you very much for this article. Truly an amazing feeling to be recognized of the hard work we do every day to do something good and different. It is people like you that makes us want to be in this business and continue with hope and make us believe in ourselves. You’re our strength. Thank you very much.

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