KFC – Maharagama!! A bloody disgrace to the brand

KFC!  A well known international franchise through out the world for their flavors of chicken! But KFC outlets in Sri Lanka have been heavily criticized by the patrons due to the loss of decency which they once had! not so long ago.

Anyways from what I understand the management is trying to do changes to give their customers a better finger likin’ experience 😀 Why I say this is I saw some new posters inside KFC saying how important the customer is and once again they have started to do a sensible advertising campaign! so hats off to them!! But I’ve had some rather unpleasant experiences with KFC!!! They did a promotion selling chicken buckets few months back and KFC ran out of chicken in the lunch time rush! We had to wait in the line for more than 15 min and only to be disappointed to hear that the promotion is over because they ran out!! But the poster was still up! However, this review is not about the promotions but it is about a rather unpleasant experience I had in their Maharagama outlet.

I ordered a zinger meal(Rs.490) which is very reasonably priced, but it was one of the most horrible meals I’ve ever had in a fast food joint! It was a disaster!! The zinger burger only contained the patty, lecture and the buns!! literally!!(sorry couldn’t take a pic though cause my battery was so low at the time)  Patty tasted like rubber!!!!!!! It was under cooked and lecture had a bit of mayo which  didn’t taste good at all!! Well the bun was their usual bun and french fries was the only part which I actually enjoyed!! On top of that cleanliness of the establishment was below average and their were at least ten flies inside KFC maharagama!

All in all it was a truly a horrible experience and I hope the management would do something about this,  because its a shame to see a brand with so much potential going under like this!!




Suwin AMarabandu



3 thoughts on “KFC – Maharagama!! A bloody disgrace to the brand

  1. Agreed :/ sadly they don’t try to increase their standards anymore!! If the KFC intentional gets to know this they will just stop operating here!!

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